Saturday, November 19, 2011


AMERICANS in Australia: India must join them to contain China
Chitranjan Sawant-18 November, 2011
The US and Australia have joined hands to protect the free world. China is a menace to India. This article lays bare sinister designs of China to destabilize India. Let's the democratic world join hands to neutralise Dragon. 0 2 1Share22.5/512345PRESIDENT BARACK Obama has done a wise thing by assessing China as a potential danger ti the democratic and free world. China is an enigma and it is very difficult to fathom the depth of its policy and the thought process of the policy makers of China. Never mind the small beginning of a global defence by stationing US forces on the soil of Australia, albeit in the host country's existing military facilities.
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China is cribbing about this new military development during the Asian tour of the US President. Notwithstanding President Obama's assertion that the new military understanding between the US and Australia is not aimed at neutralising the growing military influence of China, the Dragon is still cribbing about intended stationing of American Marines Down Under.. Frankly speaking, China has no locus standi in the new arrangement between to sovereign nations. But it is still making loud noises against it to impress the neutral countries. However, the sovereign nations in Asia are already suspicious of growing belligerent intentions of China.


China is building sea ports all around India. Gwadar in Balochistan(Pakistan), Cox Bazar in Bangadesh, COCO Islands around Myanmar or former Burma and Trincomalee in Sri Lanka have not only been built by China but the aggressive nation has registered substantial Naval presence there. The obvious intention is to surround India and neutralise her Navy at a short notice. The Chinese ministry of Defence has gone on record to say that it has developed and made operationally effective a ballistic missile named DONGFENG-21 and nicknamed it as a Carrier Killer.

Now the US Navy is concerned about it and American Admirals did lose some sleep. Gone are the days when America used to position its aircraft carrier of the Seventh Fleet between mainland China and Taiwan whenever the former did any sabre rattling. Now the strategy will have to be re worked out.

China has been treating the South China Sea as its inland lake and warning other countries to keep off it. When India got interested in exploring oil there along with Vietnam, China issued veiled threats that consequences would be serious. The sovereignty over the South China Sea remains unresolved notwithstanding amiable public posture of Beijing on the issue.

The crux of the matter is that an economically strong China is building a blue water navy with a new generation aircraft carrier likely to be afloat in 2012 and the new stealth fast attack sub-marines to augment the carrier group so that the Red Flag is shown from the Pacific to the Red Sea via the Indian Ocean. Of course, Atlantic remains a far cry.

Now the presence of America in Australia will set the Chinese strategy experts thinking. It is a big relief for smaller nations of the region who had felt rattled. Now the free world will face the Dragon unitedly come rain come shine.


In my opinion India stands to gain from this new military policy of the US and Australia because China is not only pinpricking India but also doing everything to destabilise it internally and externally. China had been aiding and abetting Pakistan, its all-weather friend, to keep India bogged down in regional tangles and not rise high enough to become a global power and challenge China’s supremacy. The Chinese have registered a big presence in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir and stationed more than 11,000 troops of the seasoned People’S Liberation Army.

Ostensibly the Chinese are there to help the flood affected people. Floods came and remnants do not require the presence of a division plus of Chinese army. They are there to keep their line of communication open to the Gwadar port and have access to the Arabian Sea to challenge the American supremacy, if need be. Closer home, the Chinese army has been intruding into the Indian territory to browbeat the Indian citizens. The ongoing exercise of China is a part of a sinister design to destabilise India.

China has been helping the rebels of Indian origin with money, material and deadly small arms like the AK47. Paresh Barua, a dangerous rebel and terrorist from Assam is presently sheltered in Kunmin of China. His radio conversation from China with his followers in Assam have been intercepted by the Indian Intelligence Agencies.

It is a new development and the Chinese game plan is to ink the Bodo, Maoists, LeT, ISI backed Khalistan rebels and cause the Indian administrators a big headache and let their para-military forces run from pillar to post. Right from Jammu and Kashmir to the North-East and through the Maoist corridor to the South and Maharashtra it would be a big rebellion of the anti-India forces. Pakistan is an active partner of China’s in this strategic plan to vivisect India.

A disturbing development is China’s transfer of technology to manufacture AK 47 rifles to rebels and help them set up a factory of small arms in the jungles of North Myanmar. The Manipur PLA forces will play a big role as conduit for carrying small arms to rebels of the North-East and Orissa and Chhattisgarh.

In view of the foregoing the Indian elephant cannot just swing its tusk and not take any effective steps to annihilate the anti-India forces internally and externally. Since India is no position to face this danger on all fronts, we must welcome those politico-military developments that are happening in this part of the world and that cause China concern.

India needs a strong and decisive leadership to plan and execute the strategy for Defence of India without bothering for its vote-bank. Let one and all take a pledge to defend Bharat, our motherland. If any leader, politician or plain citizen shows slackness in this or displays a meek attitude, it should be considered an act of high treason and let that political party be declared as a bunch of traitors and be dealt with as per law of the land.

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