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AUM BLOODSHED IN KOKRAJHAR FOR ANNEXATION OF ASSAM By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM Who is going to annex Assam, one may wonder. Are there phalanx of battle ready armies moving around lower Assam to attack and annex? Indeed, that is the game plan of Bangladesh and it had been there since the days of formation of East Pakistan on 14 August 1947. In any case the Sylhet district of Assam was given to East Pakistan and the leaders of the Muslim League, including Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, had coveted the rich mineral resources, jungles and vast vacant lands of Assam. The sinister design of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to make the Lower Assam a Muslim-majority area, foment communal trouble and annex it for good is being implemented now in the 21st century.. The successive governments of East Pakistan had been playing this game and the power-hungry Indian politicians had been banking on the vote-bank of the Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh to remain in power and enjoy the loaves and fishes of their high offices. The East Pakistanis, now Bangladeshis, find green pastures in India and come from their homeland in droves to make money, buy property and become Indian citizens by hook or crook. They succeed after greasing the palms of Indian officials and the local Police. Money makes the mare go and Bangladeshi criminals indulge in all kinds of illegal activities in India. They even get away with murder. The law and order machinery and low grade politics that keep self before the Nation are to blame for the morass honest Indian citizens are in at this point of time. The reforms in the political and legal systems has to be initiated at both ends – top and bottom. Eventually the People’s movement might deliver the goods by bringing good and patriotic young men and women to power. Well, it did happen once when the youth wing of the Assam Gana Parishad launched a mass movement, ASSAM FOR ASSAMESE, AND SUCCEEDED IN FORMING THE State government too. The illegal Muslim immigrants were rounded up, put behind bars and deported to their country of origin. But they too had their Achilles heel, and the worldly temptations had better of them. Their government fell before long and the cherished ideals were thrown overboard. The warnings of losing Assam in the long run were sounded by patriots from time to time but they fell on the deaf ears of the traitors. The latest man in authority to sound the warning bell is no less a person than Lt Gen S.K. Sinha, Governor of Assam who wrote to President Narayanan in 1998 about gravity of situation and precarious security situation but the deaf and dumb politicians did sweet nothing to ward off the danger of losing Assam to Greater Bangladesh. Instead, the General was maligned as a rank communalist and an anti-Muslim fellow bent upon creating trouble. Now we all know how right was General Sinha and how wrong were the 22 Members of Parliament who moved heaven and earth to have General Sinha recalled as Governor of Assam. The traitors tasted success and were emboldened. The blood of Kokrajhar today is on the hands of traitors and all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten their hands. As a citizen of Bharat, I am a sad man today as I read the accounts of riots, arson, murders of the Bodo Hindus by the illegal Muslim immigrants from the neighbouring Bangladesh. The Govt of India under PM Manmohan Singh and the Dacca govt of Sheikh Hasina have done precious little to stop the influx of illegal Muslim immigrants because the power hungry political parties treat the illegal immigrants as their vote-bank. May I suggest that the report of General S.K. Sinha, the Governor of Assam in 1998 be made public so that the Indian Nation knows that a Patriot named General Sinha had analysed the Assam problem threadbare and cautioned all those who mattered to take remedial measures. And the Patriot was almost hounded out by the politicians and other pro-Muslim elements who wished Assam to be a part of Islamic Bangladesh The names of 22 MPs who wrote to the President and Govt of India for recall of General Sinha be made public so that the Indian people know who is a Patriot and who is a traitor. My condolences to the bereaved families and a word of advice to Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister of Assam, to keep India that is Bharat Above All local and poitical interests and push the illegal Muslim immigrants back into Bangladesh. Let the Bangladeshis be reminded of their history and told that hundreds of Indians had shed blood to give birth to Bangladesh and drive away Pakistani demons who preyed on the population of the then East Pakistan, mostly Muslims. As a citizen of Bharat, I am a sad man today as I read the accounts of riots, arson, murders of the Bodo Hindus by the illegal Muslim immigrants from the neighbouring Bangladesh. The Govt of India under PM Manmohan Singh and the Dacca govt of Sheikh Hasina have done precious little to stop the influx of illegal Muslim immigrants because the power hungry political parties treat the illegal immigrants as their vote-bank. However, what is a shocking surprise is the Indian Muslim Members of Parliament forming a delegation to call on political bigwigs to highlight the burning of Muslim villages and killing of Muslim citizens of India by the Hindu Bodos. Perhaps they are doing this exercise to divert the public attention from illegal acts of arson, murder, looting etc by the illegal immigrants and arouse public sympathy for the criminals. What a fall, my countrymen from the high ideals of the Indian National Congress preached and practised in the era gone by. May I suggest that the report of General S.K. Sinha, the Governor of Assam in 1998 be made public so that the Indian Nation knows that a Patriot named General Sinha had analysed the Assam problem threadbare and cautioned all those who mattered to take remedial measures. As stated heretofore the Patriot was nearly fired from post for doing his duty honestly by the politicians and other pro-Muslim elements who wished Assam to be a part of Islamic Bangladesh The names of 22 MPs who wrote to the President and Govt of India for recall of General Sinha be made public so that the Indian people know who is a Patriot and who is a traitor. My condolences to the bereaved families and a word of advice to Tarun Gogoi to keep India that is Bharat Above All interests and push the illegal Muslim immigrants back into Bangladesh Let the Bangladeshis be reminded time and again of their history and told that hundreds of Indians had shed blood to give birth to Bangladesh and drive away Pakistani demons. Be that as it may, the political and economic situation in the Lower Assam is very serious. It is time the Government of India took decisive action and drove back the illegal immigrants rising above party politics and narrow gains of electoral battles. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must dig out the comprehensive report on the causes of the present situation of deep distrust that has developed between the Hindus of Assam and the Muslim illegal immigrants because of the devilish designs of the latter. Any mollycoddling of communal elements at this point of time will be an anti-national act and the history of India, as and when written objectively, will not forgive those politicians who have been keeping their selfish interests above the National interests. Let us remember: If India lives, we live: if India dies, we die. Let India live forever ! Email : or

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AUM ARYA SAMAJ MUST PROSELYTIZE OR PERISH By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM India that is Bharat is the largest democracy of the world. At least the constitution of the country affirms in its preamble that India is a sovereign , secular, democratic Republic. The ground realities, however, are different. The common man or the AAM AADAMI in whose name and in whose behalf the democratic show is run is just on the periphery. He and she are ignored by the powers that be and perpetually remain ignorant about the system of governance. Consequently the poor aam aadami continues to be poor despite all the Gharibi Hatao Abhiyan launched by various political parties in power. The political parties come to power by making use of various permutation and combination of caste and creed. Although India is a secular country but it is just an outward show. Most of the political parties take recourse to rabid communalism to win elections and form governments. Right from the Prime Minister to the Sewa Dal swyamsewak encourage the local electorate to think and act on narrow communal lines. In Mizoram and Nagaland Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had spoken of Christendom because the majority of voters there are Christians by faith. Even the super-secular Communist leaders in Kerala promoted Islamic communalism by carving out a Muslim majority district in Kerala and named it Mallapuram. When Mullahs talk of implementing Shariah, and issue diktats to the areas of influence, the Samajwadi party of Mulayam Singh and its young Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav turn a deaf ear and decline to comment on such unconstitutional activities. GAME OF NUMBERS A citizen uninitiated in the complex political chakravyuh might be wondering why do political parties pamper the minority communities and ignore the majority community, that is the Hindus. The ground reality is that the Hindus are not a majority community in some States and other regions, numerically speaking. On paper the Hindus are shown as a majority community but on ground they are a minority and yet they do not receive the benefits given to the minorities all over the country. Even where the Hindus are in majority, they stand divided on caste lines and thus do not make an impact electorally. However, if and when a polarisation takes place on communal lines, the Hindu candidates gain and their political party is able to form a government too. However, on an all-India basis, the Hindu-oriented political parties are yet to make a lasting impact because in many States the non-Hindus vote together to defeat the Hindu-oriented candidate. How one wishes that in Bharat where the Hindus form eighty percent plus of the population, the Hindus are cared for, their voice is heard and non-Hindus dare not think of passing legislation to harm their interests permanently. The answer lies in Hindus increasing their numerical strength on an all-India basis to have a say in the political set up of the country. There are a number of factors that come in the way of Hindus increasing their numerical strength. If a Hindu male has more than one wife, his chances of siring many children brightens up. There was no problem in Hindu males having more than one living wife until the year 1955 when the Hindu Marriage Act was passed by the Parliament at the behest of some leaders who were interested in having their own sons or daughters divorced by spouses and remarry thereafter. The new law brought in the draconian law of divorce and disturbed the family harmony of the Hindus too. Even the Supreme Court has expressed its displeasure at some of the disturbing sections of the Act that brought more disharmony in the Hindu social set up than ever before. No less a person than Dr Rajendra Prasad, the then President of India was opposed to the original bill called the Hindu Code Bill that would have damaged the fabric of the Hindu social order irreparably. Nehru, the architect of the Hindu Code Bill had to backtrack since opposition to the misconceived reform in jurisprudence was tremendous. Nevertheless, Nehru had his way in case of the Hindu Marriage Act. A question arises; why this zeal of Nehru and his ilk for reforming the personal law of the Hindus alone. Why not reform the personal law of the Muslims whose women suffer virtual imprisonment in house and lack fresh air throughout life? Why allow four living wives to a Muslim male and not to others? Is it secularism that the Constitution vouches for? Why has the Directive Principle of the Constitution to have a Common Civil Code for all citizens of India not yet been implemented? Why are the Muslims having a legal holiday and consider themselves to be above common law? These questions go to the root cause of electoral process being exploited to come to power and favour those minority communities who ganged up to push their benefactors to power. Thus we once again go back to the question of numerical majority in the whole country to influence the results at the hustings. The Hindus may wield political influence again provided they make up their mind to vote unitedly and bring those to power who champion the cause of the Hindus. Family Planning has also affected the Hindus adversely. After the policy to have small families was implemented, the Hindus went whole hog for it since they could realise benefits of a planned small family. However, the number of Hindus in the country kept on dwindling and hardly any economic benefits accrued to them for observing family planning both in letter and spirit. On the other hand the Roman Catholic Christians, the religion that Sonia Gandhi professes and so do her children, refused to have a planned family. They had as many children as they wished to have. No govt sanctions were imposed on them for this infringement of the govt policy. The Muslim community followed suit with a vengeance. Every Muslim male married many times and had four living wives who gave birth to countless children. The Government of India turned Nelson’s eye to this violation and no sanctions were imposed because the Congress party needed the Muslim support as their vote-bank. THE WAY OUT Notwithstanding the political scenario being bad for the majority community, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The light shining over there beckons the Hindus and counsels them to the effect that they must strive to increase their numbers as citizens of India . To start with, the Hindus must launch an agitation to stop the influx of the Bangladeshi Muslims and to some extent Pakistani Muslims from entering into India and eventually settling down to become citizens with voting rights. The illegal immigrants are Muslims and they invariably vote for those candidates who promote illegal immigration and making States like Assam and Bengal Muslim majority entities. Thus fake citizens exercise their non-existent right to vote at the national elections and it adversely affects the interests of the Hindus. Again we go back to the need of increasing the numerical strength of the Hindus so that they are not forced by an unconstitutional government to leave their home and hearth to become refugees in their own land. Unfortunately, that situation that was once considered to be a myth became a reality in Jammu and Kashmir when almost all Hindus were forced to leave their ancestral homes in the Kashmir valley and move into shanty huts in Jammu. We must not allow that history to repeat itself in the States like Assam, Bengal, Kerala and so on. In order to avoid the Muslim domination the Hindus have to increase their numerical strength by abandoning family planning, one man-one wife law and thus becoming a numerical minority in their own homeland. ARYA SAMAJ MUST STEP-IN Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati had converted two Muslims to the Vedic Dharm while on a preaching mission in Dehra Dun and Lucknow. Those two gentlemen were influenced by the discourses of the Rishivar and volunteered to become Hindus. Of course, the 20th century Mathura-Agra belt saw a major activity in the realm of religion when the Muslim Malkana Rajputs, whose ancestors were forced to convert to Islam long ago by the Moghul emperor, Aurangzeb, beseeched Swami Shraddhanand Saraswati, an Arya Sanyasi of repute and founder of Gurukul Kangri, to take them in their ancestral fold of Vedic Dharm. Swami Shraddhanand did it with great enthusiasm in the presence of His Highness Maharana Mewar and Pundit Madan Mohan Malviya. The proselytization movement that Swami Shraddhanand launched was a great success. The morale of the Hindus went sky high as their numbers swelled beyond expectations. The movement was, however, cut short when a bigoted Muslim shot Swami ji dead. The man was hanged but the Arya Samaj lost a great leader who was bold and fearless. The great ambition of Swami Ji has to be fulfilled now in the 21st century. Of late, the Arya Samaj in India and abroad has been organising a number of International Mahasammelan of Aryas. Aryas assemblein large numbers, listen to religious discourses, are enlightened and then head for home. Thousands of rupees are collected from both the meek and the mighty and spent on board and lodging of the devotees who come from far and wide. Many an Arya who views these Mahasammelans dispassionately asks the organisers: What has the Arya Samaj gained by this colossal exercise and how many new convertees from Islam and Christianity can we boast of? The glaring doubts remain in their original form in the minds of questioners. A good Arya is encouraged to get his doubts removed but there is rarely an opportunity given in the Sammelan to do so. Young children and adolescents are conspicuous by their absence from the venue. One wonders how can the new generation or Gen X have an imprint of the Arya Samaj? Some Aryas advocate buying TV time and doing Ved prachar there to reach a wider and more varied audience. There will be lesser hassles in organising a TV talk or question-answer session than in organising a Mahasammelan. Indeed delegates from many countries assemble and compare notes for the good of the Gen Next. The argument is quite logical but it has its flaws too. In a Sammelan, the Vedic Vidwan and the audience sit face to face, there is an eye contact and the rapport between the two goes a long way in letting Vedic principles permeate. “No computer or TV can replace a teacher or an Acharya in imparting education and letting SANSKAR set in in a disciple or a young Grihasth.”Likewise an Arya Sammelan is irreplaceable by a TV talk show. Of course, some thinking Arya leaders have found a via media to satisfy both the schools of thought. Let an Arya Mahasammelan go on and let it be televised LIVE for the benefit of those who could not make it to the venue. Proselytize we must. The Arya Samaj must ponder over this point and formulate a plan to launch a drive for SHUDDHI. In the first phase the Arya Samaj may concentrate on those individuals and families who crossed the Lakshman Rekha and went to the camp of our enemies and adversaries. Love Jihad had taken its toll and poaching on our young ones has been going on for some time. We must reverse that trend, here and now. May I invoke the blessings of Ishwar, our Param Pita Parmatma for the success of the Arya Samaj in playing the Number Game with consummate skill and coming out of the arena with roaring success. Email : or Mobile – 9811173590. Phone : 0091-120-2454622.

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AUM WILL BHARAT AND PAKISTAN BECOME FRIENDS By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM It takes two to Tango. If one fellow tries it, he or she will be laughed at. Similarly it takes two countries or two persons to make friends. If there are more than two, it would be absolutely fine. The more the merrier. Making friends of a lasting nature is important to improve the international understanding and bring about Peace and Prosperity. Of course, to become effective in so, first, at home and later in the locality.With a view to solving problems of international levels, it is imperative that our Mr Fixit takes to solving disputes locally. She may step out thereafter solving international problems, it is important that one solves problems at various levels locally. That is the path of welfare that leads to the sanctuaries and beyond. Looking at this problem-solving get- together one finds it as a stepping stone for solemnising a decent marriage at a later stage. One may understand that it is in these Mandaps that a prospective bride meets her Man, the groom. The rest is just history. FRIENDSHIP ACROSS BORDERS Friendship means Give and Take. It cannot be just one-way street. The ideas, the interests and cash plus kind flow both ways. It is purely a personal matter between two individuals. It is based on national policy promoting public interest and to forge friendship the two neighbouring countries have to make suitable mutual adjustments. Nevertheless, if help is sought for, it should be given post haste on humanitarian grounds. Rendering help to a neighbouring country makes an impact on the hearts and minds of common people and in the long run the common people influence shaping of the foreign policy. Thus large heartedness promotes friendship across borders. Transparency is required in dealing with neighbouring countries. The days of cloak and dagger policy are gone. If there is an element of suspicion, mutual respect and friendship between neighbouring countries will remain a distant dream. The over-riding desire of the military of one nation to have a shooting war with a neighbouring nation in order to avenge a defeat suffered in the past will create an insurmountable hurdle, a non-negotiable road block preventing a smooth passage of the Friendship Train. The two neighbouring nations have to make a separate as well as a joint assessment to convince themselves of the gains of Peace and Friendship vis-a-vis hostility leading to a shooting war. Frankly speaking, Peace pays rich dividends and promotes prosperity provided the road block of the over-riding urge to avenge a past defeat is sublimated to the new neighbourly friendship concept Absence of hostility and above all elimination of factors leading to a clash of arms will bring in both mental and physical security. Security of own nation and that of a neighbouring nation brings economic prosperity and raises the standard of living of average citizens across the borders. Indeed it requires a Leadership of high calibre to be far sighted and be a visionary in the interest of international peace. Let us take a look at the leaders of India and Pakistan and assess their impact on the foreign policies of their respective nations. LEADERSHIP IN BHARAT AND PAKISTAN Since 1947 when the Indian sub-continent gained independence and was partitioned into dominion of India and dominion of Pakistan, the former had had the privilege of being a democracy with Rule of Law being the hallmark of governance. The general elections held every five years expressed the will of the people and ushered in governments that ,by and large, were governed by the Constitution of India and the govts governed the people. The Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary exercised their constitutional powers of checks and balances. India has been having a strong military that always remained apolitical and cared for the defence of the Nation. The Indian Armed Forces defeated the Pakistan Armed Forces every time India was attacked and forced the Pakistan forces to withdraw, made light of their jingoism and even dismembered Pakistan in the 1971 war. Pakistan was born in violence and was in turmoil right from Day One of its existence. In the beginning, it was the landed aristocracy that ruled the roost and did not deliver the goods as its governance was poor. The ruling class of feudal lords was self centered and the common man was an ignored class but kept happy by being called as the Defenders of Islam. With a view to leading the poor peasantry up the garden path, the country was renamed as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Perhaps it gave them an international recognition by the Islamic world but beyond that Islam was just an empty word for the poor and the hungry. The feudal mis-governance gave a cause to the Pakistan Army to stage a coup d’etat under the leadership of General Ayub Khan, the Sandhurst trained Pathan from the Frontier province. He ran the show for a decade and was subsequently replaced by General Yahya Khan. He itched for a war with India where he wished to teach that woman, read Indira Gandhi, a lesson. He had miscalculated and not only courted a shameful defeat at the hands of India but also lost the entire eastern wing of the country that became Bangladesh with the support of the Indian Army, the people and the leadership. Since then Pakistan has been unable to live down that international shame. Their leaders like General Pervez Musharraf made attempts to snatch the Indian territory like Kargil but were beaten back by the Indian Army. The low IQ of Pakistan’s leadership has been goading them to shun friendship with India and try to settle issues by force. Turning to Bharat, that is India, we find that it has been a prospering democracy from Day One. The thought of a coup d’etat never crossed the minds of even ambitious generals of the Indian Army. The nation has been growing from strength to strength and has carved a niche for itself in the international councils and the United Nations. On the other hand after Pakistan duped the United States in the war in Afghanistan, its credibility has been reduced to Zero. Pakistan has gained a notoriety of biting the hand that feeds it. If Pakistan has not been a loyal friend of USA despite receiving trillions of dollars in aid plus the sophisticated armaments, what assurance is there that it would be a faithful friend of India’s. The public pronouncements of both the civil and military leaders of Pakistan against India go to show the animosity that they have for a neighbouring nation. Let us take just one statement of General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, Army Chief of Pakistan. When the US strategist put pressure on General Kayani to change the pattern of deployment of Pakistan forces and deployment should be Afghanistan centric and not India-oriented, GeneraL Kayani said that the threat perception from India against Pakistan has necessitated deployment of most of the armed forces on the eastern borders of Pakistan where they are poised to attack India. The Pakistan army chief further said that their officers and jawans would never attack the Taliban forces as the two are twins. Moreover, in case of a war with India, the Taliban terrorists would protect the flanks of the Pakistan Army against an attack by the Indian Army. The same logic of General Kayani and the same deployment of the Pakistan Armed Forces on the borders with India holds good even today ignoring friendly counselling of American strategists. Is it possible for Bharat and Pakistan to be friends when the Rulers of Pakistan, read the Army top brass, persist in holding inimical views and feelings for Bharat. With due apologies to the British imperialist poet, Rudyard Kipling, one may say, East is East, West is West; India and Pakistan shall never be friends. RAY OF HOPE Bharat does not entertain or display inimical feelings towards Pakistan. The Pakistan cine artists, singers both men and women come to India very often to put up shows, make money and go home satisfied in all respects. Heart, liver and Kidney patients from Pakistan come to India for surgery and face no hostility. So, one may say that the leaders of India will one day persuade the Pakistan leaders to shake off the Revenge Phobia and not only shake hands but embrace each other as friends. The policy planners in education in the government of Pakistan must have students text books of history, English and Urdu reread and have the text that encourages extremists in Pakistan to promote Hate Hindu; Hate India deleted for good. Unless similar drastic steps are taken in the realm of education, the minds of the new generation Pakistan citizens would continue to be hostile to neighbouring India and thus fritter away their energies on frivolous schemes. Forging friendship and emotional bonds between Bharat and Pakistan would remain distant dreams. Women of Pakistan are a cause of joy to the pro-friendship lobby. The new generation women of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Karachi, Peshawar are intelligent, educated, liberal and possess the courage of conviction. He other day I have had an opportunity to glance through a review of a new glossy women’s magazine named, Hello! Pakistan. It is amazing to read free, frank and fearless expressions that go to the extent of annoying the powers that be. The diktat of Taliban on the dress code for women does not run there. Well! Hello! Pakistan gave me a ray of hope and I surmised that the day is not far off when women of Pakistan will walk across the Wagah border just to say Hello to their sisters and friends in Bharat. A bold move of that nature might usher in friendship between Bharat and Pakistan otherwise the prospects of bon homie between men folk, especially those in the uniformed services, may not see sunny sunshine. Email : Mobile : 0091-9811173590