Sunday, February 12, 2012


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
President John F Kennedy had a way with women. No woman ever said NO to him. Whenever and wherever he wanted to have sex with a fair and pretty female, he had it his way. No man, no woman and no adverse factor ever came in the way of his desire to take a pretty woman to bed. One knows what a bed is meant for.. What surprises a reader of such fairy tale books where the First Lady conveniently disappeared at that crucial moment when her own bedroom, nay, her own bed was being put to use, shall we say misuse. Believe it or not, this kind of escapade went on for eighteen months or so.
She was a Miss no more after she lay in Jackie Kennedy’s bed motionless and the most powerful man in the world, John kennedy did to her what he wished to. What I am writing here is certainly not a figment of imagination or a product of a love-lorn mind but a resume of what I read in the Memoires of the young intern who worked in the Press office of the White House. In this tell-all book, the victim of lust reveals all , hides nothing and does not play the role of a martyr. She asks for no sympathy and the Reader gives none. Both make a point in his or her own way. But that is not all. Let us go through her lines with her in tow and at times in the lead.
One may like to read a book entitled ONCE UPON A SECRET My Affair With President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath by Mimi Alford 198 pages, Random House. USD 25.
Why did she do the mistake of telling everyone who cared to lend an ear a story that was exclusively hers and tend to ruin her love life hereafter In her own words she felt liberated and .lighter after she had bared all. Never mind if some loved ones were disappointed. It happens. One who tries to please all, ends up pleasing none.
It is the story of a teenage girl, fresh from her high school where she had lived a sheltered life. Miss Mimi Beardslay( now Alford) of Farmington, Connecticut, USA was rather pleasantly surprised when she was assigned to the White House, Press office as an Intern. Mimi was as fresh as a rose. She attracted attention. Many thought that since she hailed from a suburban town and was unaware of fun and frolic of the suave society, she could be persuaded to join a get-togethers held for the White House staff after working hours. Generally speaking, it was held in the afternoons and young men and women went home before night fall. Of course, the uninitiated ones knew nothing of the wine and dine or smoking the grass and at times were caught in the wrong company.
Mimi came to work on the fourth day as usual. It was a rather light day and she looked forward to going home a little early for rest. That is when she was invited by some female colleagues for a swim session in the White House pool. She was elated and could not say NO to it. Suddenly President John Kennedy dropped in informally unannounced. A little chit-chat and President Kennedy invited Mimi for a private tour of the living section of the White House. Declining President’s own invitation to go on a private tour of his residential rooms was beyond her imagination. Within a few minutes the President and Mimi landed in the bedroom of Jacqueline Kennedy, ostensibly to admire its decor. With his long experience of engaging young women in conversation that brought the female physically closer to John Kennedy to manoeuvre to a comfortable position in bed for a kill.
Mimi could not keep standing any longer and sat on the edge of Mrs Kennedy’s bed. President Kennedy came closer and closer and unbuttoned her top. It all happened in a jiffy and she could not understand the game as she was a virgin so far. For a moment she was on cloud Nine as the most powerful man in the world desired her company and placed her where the First Lady should have been. As confessed in her Memoire, she felt outwitted and let her skirt be unzipped and fall. President Kennedy was all over. Before she could realise what was happening to her, Mimi had lost her virginity. There was no sense of shame, though. Somewhere in her heart she felt herself being lifted many notches. This unprecedented experience was just the beginning and she found no end in sight.
The affair between President Kennedy and Mimi went on for eighteen months or so. Kennedy would even call her on phone to chat. She mentioned one day to him that she was going to get married soon. President Kennedy said that he would call her anyway. Now Mimi could decipher some social resistance from her work-place colleague. President Kennedy had her shifted to a big college in a big city to give her anonymity. But that was not to minimise her social ostracism as quite often she would disappear for two to three nights. Mimi felt a little humiliated when once President Kennedy asked her to have sex with some other men too. Fortunately this plan did not materialise.
One day Mimi informed President Kennedy that she was going to get married within a month or so. He bought her some expensive gifts including a fine suit. He promised to keep calling notwithstanding the change in her marital status in the offing. In his characteristic style President Kennedy said that he would call her anyway. Mimi felt a wee bit nervous and did not know how to respond to this threat issued by the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces; albeit lovingly. Mimi prayed that Time should take care of this predicament. She did not see any light at the end of the tunnel.
President John F. Kennedy was assassinated within a week while on a visit to Texas. Mimi felt sad and cried in private. After her marriage to another young man,she and her husband visited President Kennedy’s grave at the Arlington National Cemetery. She prayed for Peace to Kennedy’s soul. However, Mimi’s soul remained in a tormented state even after she had torn old photographs, dresses and disposed them off in trash bins.
One fine evening she made a clean breast of her affair with the late President of the United States. Her new husband and Mimi took a walk to a quiet pace by the Potomac river. She took a solemn vow to be faithful to her husband and never to cheat on him.
An emotional surge and the flowing tears tod Mimi that she would now live in physical, mental and spiritual Peace after making a confession of the Kennedy affair. God was kind to the couple and for them thereafter Peace Prevailed.
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