Sunday, January 3, 2010


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Rather strange that India and her citizens who have suffered most at the hands of Islamist terrorists should adopt a policy on fighting terror that the world feels is soft. It is unbelievably true that three Pakistan hard core terrorists who were taken to Pant hospital in the national capital,Delhi by an escorting party of Sikkim Police escaped from their custody.Apparently the police escort was lax. The police is lax in its discharge of duty and taking the terror threat seriously because the government is lax. The political parties are more interested in not annoying the Muslim vote bank by being constitutionally correct in tackling terror. Whuile it is true that all Muslims are not terrorists, it is also true that by and large all terrorists are Muslims. Thus tackling terror firmly means causing annoyance among illiterate and pro-Pakistan elements in the Muslim community. Terror attacks in India were by and large sponsored by the State agencies of Pakistan. Thus the terror is known as Islamist terror, not only in India but in the entire world.
What is the way out? The Islamist terror must be tackled firmly and the terrorists must be brought to justice. Those who have been sentenced to various terms of imprisonment or in some cases sentenced to death by hanging, their sentences should be carried out at once.
All cases of terror should be dealt with as per law of the land by fast track courts for speedy justice. If a case lingers on too long, the witnesses against terrorists lost interest as their profession or business suffers.Justice delayed is justice denied.
The public opinion should be aroused against those politicians and political parties who are soft on terror. It will rise to such a crescendo in due course of time and with proper efforts made that even the pro-Pakistan persons and parties (Pakistan is the hub of global Islamist terror) will have little option but to become firm in dealing with the terrorists. The fear of losing Muslim vote banks would be eroded if the moderate Muslims are weaned away from the hard core Muslims. It is seen that ,by and large the Muslim women are not pro Islamist terrorists. They should be influenced through articles, speeches and personal approach by Mahila Mandals to lend support to the anti-Islamist Terror Forum. If a forum like this does not exist in mofussil towns and villages, it should be formed and activated.
Need of the hour is that every patriotic citizen must come forward and voice his or her opposition to the Islamist terror outfits that are causing a permanent damage to human society in general and to the Muslim society in particular. And the earlier it is done, the better it would be.
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