Wednesday, January 20, 2010


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
President Barack Obama will not take the result of the election for a senate seat from Massachusets is a cause for concern for him and the Democrats. The GOP has wrested the senate seat held by the Democrats for almost half a century. No less a person than Ted Kennedy, a scion of the Kennedy family had represented his home state. Moreover, President Obama had campaigned himself for the lady of his party but did not cut much ice. I am sitting half a world away from the scene of action and someone may say what can you judge as an outsider. Pray, my judgement will be impartial and unbiased, if you like. I am an India from India who have had the privilege of living and learning Chinese in America almost half a century ago. I promise you I shall be fair and friendly in my assessment.
I shall not blame the lady who lost. It was not her fault. I shall not unduly praise the man who won. He is no great shake.In fact he was a little known big built man who had to convince the voters that he was serious about the election and hoped to win. Frankly speaking no one was prepared to bet his money on his win at the hustings. Developing a hind sight the lady says that she knows where the faultline was. perhaps it was beyond them to repair it.
Although it was an election for a senate seat from Massachusets, national issues came into play. The common man as a voter played a decisive role in the election. let us take the fact as real and not as fiction that the number of independent voters, not aligned to any party, was a large one. They were in a position to swing the result one way or the other. And they did.
President Barack Obama was a player in this game. He played well but lost. He did not lose as an individual. He lost as a policy maker. Obama, in my opinion as an independent observer, bites more than what he can chew. Indigestion is bound to be a symptom of allied ailments to follow. Never mind if the Surgeon General is in attendance 24x7. Allow me to use a double negative in a negative sense like our African-Americans do. The Surgeon General can't do nothing. it is a case of too little and too late.
You know it. I know it. Accuse me of emphasising the obvious and yet I shall do it.
The Health Care was the undoing of Obama in the present senate seat show.An average American voter is angry. He wants no Health Care bill. The new fangled hobby horse of old Obama is too high to ride. It is extra-ordinarily expensive. It will mean collecting a Trillion dollars from the tax payers. Over taxation - no one wants it. Who will be the beneficiaries of the new fangled scheme. Possibly illegal immigrants from Latin America, carribean, Hispanics and Black men and women whose citizenship is in grave doubt. Ask the American citizens "why should I and my family pay for the health care of men and women who are not even American citizens?"The voters are angry. Their anger has been reflected in the ballot paper that has been counted. it is an alarm bell for President Obama. Is he listening?
Of late there has been an extra-ordinary emphasis on the Civil Rights movement. The venerable black leader, Martin Luther King,Jr has been brought in focus. "We shall Overcome"was sung here, there and everywhere. Fine. No one should find fault with that. It is a part of history.
let us fathom the white man's psyche. America is his country too. America has an African-American as the President. He is the President of the United States of America that is inhabited by both the Whites and the Blacks. Tilting the balance one way or the other may be deterimental to the interest of the nation and the country. Therefore, President Obama should not only be doing things for the entire natiion but appear to be doing so. Let the vegetables from the White House kitchen garden be given away to both the Whites and the blacks.
The African-American citizens perhaps expect too much in too short a prriod of time from the first ever black President of the United States. Brakes have to be applied. The earlier the better.
President Barack Obama has been in the White House for just a year. Are we expecting too much from him? Indeed that is the case. HOWEVER, HE TOO MADE TOO MANY PROMISES. Will he be able to live up to people's expectations? Time alone will tell. Let another 365 days pass.
Admittedly obama is not the same cheerful man that he was before he crossed the threshold of the White House. He may appear to be calm outwardly but he gets worked up when he is in the living quarters. He needs support of his people. But he will have to work harder for this.
President Barack Obama had promised to bring the boys home from theatres of war. He could not keep his word. Indeed that would have meant handing over Afghanistan to the Taliban on a silver platter. He is a war-time commander in chief too. More later

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