Tuesday, October 6, 2009


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

The Chinese people enjoy a good reputation as inventors of the newest of the new. The invention of gun powder and the paper, among other things, goes to their credit. The famous Chinese silk adorned the body and the bedroom of the high and the mighty like Julius Caesar and his successors in Rome and the pretty women like Cleopatra in Egypt who travelled to Rome to display her best and win hearts of Romans. Now in the 21st century the Chinese have come out with a new fangled device dear to hearts of girls who enjoy pre-marital sex and yet gladden their husbands on nuptial night with an intact hymen. The Chinese invented device costs just thirty US dollars. It is indeed worth buying it.
The artificial virginity kit is marketed by Gigimo, a Chinese company. When inserted it emits a blood like fluid that the gullible husbands believe to be blood coming out of the torn hymen that was intact prior to the groom copulating with the bride. In a conservative society like the ones in the Orient and the Middle-East, the artificial virginity kit is likely to be sold like hot cakes among the fair sex who now feel sexually liberated. The women’s lib movements in various parts of the world, not excluding the Arab world, have given girls mental and physical, read sexual, freedom. The end result is their ending up in bed with a boy friend for experiments in sex. In some cases it may be just a one-evening stand. The virginity, however, is lost and the broken hymen bears testimony to it. The conservative males are not yet prepared to accept a bride on a nuptial night who had had pre-marital sex. The new kit is an answer to this vexing question.
The male-dominated society in the Middle-east has, however, raised a hue and cry against the Chinese invented artificial hymen kit. The opinions expressed by them and carried by the Arabic press pointedly say that the new device will increase promiscuity in the conservative society. Thus the traditional values will go down the drain. Wives who get used to playing deception on husbands may enlarge the area of cheating on their husbands. Where will the moral values go? The female lobby has not yet openly favoured the freedom to buy or not to buy the aforesaid kit. Should they do so, they are likely to be exposed as women of loose morals. The stigma may stay on for life. To quote Shakespeare “All the perfumes of Arabia may will not sweeten the hand ”that committed the sexual sin. Generally speaking the male lobby is vociferous and the female defence is too feeble to withstand this male onslaught.
Is the male who becomes the bridegroom as pure as fresh snow? You never can tell. In this respect our Lord and our Maker did not put a physical device to test the virginity of a man. Thus the male, after committing a thousand sins goes scot free. No stigma is attached to him and no proof lingers on to bother him except his own conscience, if he has one. The male society may be educated on the subject so that they practise perfect equality between male and female in matter of pre-marital sex. It will be dream come true. The Chinese inventors will, however, lament the thought of equality of this kind permeating the fabric of a conservative society. Then their business of artificial hymen kit will bomb and the conservative world will laugh at them.
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