Tuesday, October 6, 2009

red taliban in red corridor


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

The Maoists in the eastern India are not only ferocious but also brutally cruel. On 30 Sep 09 they kidnapped Shri Francis Induvar, a police Inspector of the Jharkhand Police on intelligence duty from the market place, held him hostage, demanded a swap over with their top leaders like Ghandy, yadav and one more person who were in police custody . No interaction with the state government took place and the Maoists then beheaded him on 5th october. His torso was left lying across the road and the severed head was thrown away at a little distance. The Jharkhand state government says that no offer of a swap over was received by them from the Maoists. The beheading is a barbaric act and sends shock waves down the rank and file. The morale of the police jawans may be adversely affected.
The silver lining in this dark cloud has been the brave response of the late Inspector's wife, Sunita Induvar and his two teenage sons Animesh and Aniket who expressed their firm resolve not to ask the state govt to swap over their head of the family with the top Maoists. It is good that the Jharkhand government has announced a compensation of Rs ten lakh to the family of the deceased police Inspector.When the children grow up they may be offered a job in the police force.
What an irony of fate that the police personnel whom the Maoists are killing belong to the tribes and weaker sections of the society whom the Maoists profess to protect. One may recall that sometime back the Maoists had killed as many as nine women constables on duty in Garh Ciroli in Maharashtra. A very upsetting barbaric act indeed.
The Maoists have made a Red corridor from Nepal to Kerala via states like Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. They are now trying to gain a foothold in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Haryana too. Over a period of time they have gained the sympathy and support of the neglected and ignored sections of the society. The poor people look upon the Maoists as their friends and support them in more ways than one.The Maoists have acquired sufficient number of fire arms and improvised explosive devices to deter the civil police from hunting for them in the thick forests of the states concerned.
The Central government has to lead in forming an anti-Maoist Task Force and coordinate their police action against the Maoist rebels who are now called the Red Taliban because of their barbarity. The local people must be weaned away from Maoists and motivated to support the State. Economic reforms in the region will be urgently required to be implemented.
The Police Task Force should be well trained and well armed with sophisticated weapons to be used in jungles and close quarter battles. The motivation to fight against and eliminate Maoists has to be of a high order. The police personnel should be a committed group of people who believe in fighting for and even dying for the cause of the motherland. MATRIBHOOMI before self should be their ideal and there should be a role model for them to follow. Who can be a better role model than the officers selected to lead them from the front in fighting the Red Terror.
It is well known that a force that is mercenary can never fight against and defeat highly motivated guerrillas. Last but not the least, the people's support to the Maoists must be withdrawn by the local people themselves if they are economically and emotionally integrated with the main stream of the society.
Guerrilla fighters are like fish and the people are like water. If the fish is separated from water it dies. Let the Maoists be brought to that stage where they cannot survive for lack of people's support.
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