Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Introducing my book RAMBLING ROSES

Should you have an ardent desire to People around you and their philosophy of life, you may please get hold of a book entitled RAMBLING ROSES. The essays and articles that the book contains are as varied and widespread as the Rambling Roses. On going through the book’s intellectual bill of fare, the reader will be a happier human being.
Rambling Roses will take the reader out on a walking tour; physical, mental and spiritual. Going through the pages of the book, a reader meets devout Vedic Pundits like Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati and gets acquainted with his life, time and ideas. His magnum opus, Satyarth Prakash or The Light of Truth is introduced to a reader of this book in a delightful way. Having met the world famous Sanyasi – Reformer who had never crossed the shores of Bharat, a reader is pleasantly surprised to meet Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and the most powerful woman to walk on planet Earth today.
Back to Vedas and back to Saurashtra of today. Gandhidham is the name of the place and Jeevan Prabhat is the name of the venture of Arya Samaj to save tiny-tots and adolescents orphaned in the earthquake a decade ago. Self reliant and exuding self confidence are the boys and girls whose personalities have been shaped and moulded by men and women who know how to develop human resource. A reader is soon face to face with the eminent martyrs of the Arya world who died so that the future generations live a life of dignity and always hold their heads high.
Are you interested in Pranayam? Read an account of the interview given by Swami Ram Dev Ji to the author of Rambling Roses, Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM for the Aastha channel. Swami Ji also introduced his new high hobby horse, Bharat Swabhiman through which he hopes to ennoble politicians and make Bharat Mahan in true sense of the word.
Let patriotism flow in our veins with blood and the new generation of our countrymen catch this great phenomenon by singing in unison our national song, Vande Mataram. The chapter devoted to Vande Mataram inspires young and old alike and the song is accepted as a gospel truth with the sanctity of a Ved mantra. The family is the basic unit where values of life are inculcated and imbibed. So, nubile boys and girls must get married and remain married so that they procreate; look after the progeny and carry forward the Vedic Dharm.
China may be an enigma; Husain may be dishonouring the Hindu deities by disrobing them through his notorious brush but do not let your spirit sag. If it happens, there is a piece of advice tendered to lift the Spirit through Yajnas and chanting of Ved mantras.
Islamist terrorism has been dealt with too. The author deals with the neighbouring countries as they affect our life style. A topic may appear to be of passing interest initially but turns out to be of perennial interest eventually. The events that shape and chisel our personalities have not been ignored.
That’s the way it is in the RAMBLING ROSES.

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